The dyslexia diagnosis of Boas’ son opened four years of legal battles that drained her savings, battered her self-esteem and pulled her family apart in search of an appropriate education. Ultimately, she found herself fuming over the ways our government and schools fail to provide all children with an equal chance to learn.

Both a rallying cry and an invaluable resource, One in Five (Simon and Schuster, August 2020) chronicles the national education crisis as it impacts the one in five children who have dyslexia. Boas wrote this book because too many parents feel isolated and defeated in their struggle to get their kids the education they deserve. 

Boas draws on insights from over 200 parents, educators, and experts and provides critical insights on how the system can be “hacked”: sometimes, you need to cut through the invisible red tape of school funding, IEPs, specialized teacher training and more. 

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